Does Jamal Adams Want To Be a Jet?

The Jamal Adams contract saga continues to escalate, as it seems less and less likely that he will be extended this offseason. But beyond the question of an extension in 2020 looms an even bigger question: Does Jamal Adams actually want to be a New York Jet? It’s pretty much impossible to know the truth, unless you are Jamal or his family. But from what I’m seeing, I’m not too excited. As Jets fans, we’ve seen this act before, in 2012 with stud cornerback Darrelle Revis. After being unable to come to a contractual agreement, we traded Revis to Tampa Bay, where he signed a huge 6 year contract. We all want Jamal to be a Jet for life. But as of now, Jamal’s priorities are not lining up with the team’s priorities. Each side has their reasons, and neither side is wrong.

Joe Douglas took over as Jets GM last June

From GM Joe Douglas’s point of view, the only other 2017 first round pick who has been extended is Christian McCaffrey. Neither Patrick Mahomes nor Deshaun Watson have been extended yet. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented circumstances to the NFL, including the very real possibility of no fans attending games all season. This would have a disastrous affect on revenue for teams, and would result in a lowered salary cap for the 2021 season. Why would Joe Douglas unload 16-17 million dollars per year with this possibility looming on the horizon when Jamal still has 2 years left on his cheap rookie deal? It just doesn’t make any sense at all to do at this point in time.

Leonard Williams on Jamal Adams situation: 'It's not like it's a ...
Jamal Adams is seeking a new contract that would make him the highest paid safety in the NFL

From Jamal’s point of view, he’s being wildly underpaid for his value to this team. There is little doubt that he is currently the Jets best player, and probably the best player at his position in the entire NFL, yet he’s currently the 25th highest paid safety with an AAV of $5.5 million. He’s been the team MVP twice, been to 2 consecutive Pro Bowl’s, was a 2nd team All-Pro in 2018 and a first team All-Pro in 2019, all in his first 3 seasons in the league. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, he understands the importance of financial security. Jamal’s father George Adams is a former first round pick of the New York Giants. His career was cut short due to injury, before he could get his financial security. Jamal knows in the back of his mind that in the sport of football, a career can end on any given play. He wants his big contract now, so he can have the peace of mind while playing that if the worst case scenario happens, at least he has the financial security to provide for himself and his family in the future.

Neither Joe Douglas nor Jamal Adams is wrong in this situation. They are both right, but aren’t seeing eye to eye. As Jets fans, we have to place our trust in Joe Douglas to navigate his way through this tough time in Jamal’s relationship with the Jets, and have the best possible outcome happen.

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