Malik Monk on Crack???

Malik Monk has had an especially underwhelming young career after being the 11th overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. After one incredible season at Kentucky the Charlotte Hornets took a chance on the young scorer. A chance that has yet to pay off in any way.

As Monk was starting to excel in his role this past February he then was suspended for violating the NBA drug policy. Many speculated that it was likely marijuana. However, it now seems like Monk may have been using a much more serious substance.

According to various twitter accounts it seems as if Monk had been dealing with a cocaine addiction for quite some time.

There are several other tweets about this (mostly mocking Monk for his addiction), yet there is no clear evidence from a credible source that supports this to be true.

Coach James Borrego says that Monk is back with the team this summer and he expressed confidence that he will be able to turn his career around going forward.

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