Speak Out and Don’t Dribble?

Recently Kyrie Irving spoke out against the NBA returning at the end of July. The Nets point-guard held a call with over 80 NBA and WNBA players expressing how he believes players should skip the NBA return in order to show their support for social justice.

Now, this is the same guy who legitimately thinks that the earth is flat. That is really enough said right there. Your opinion is automatically invalid if you actually think the earth is flat. To add to that, Kyrie also thinks that the coronavirus IS NOT real, as he said “It is only as real as we make it” and that “we can take care by just projecting ourselves to a dimension beyond physical existence”.

Kyrie fails to realize that you can play basketball while continuing to stand for what you believe in. How about instead of whining, you use your platform on national television to continue to stand for social injustices. Maybe in that way, you unite the league as one; saying that you won’t play is only going to put teammates against teammates. For someone who wants to be looked at as a leader, all he is doing is putting everyone against each other.

He also doesn’t realize that not everyone is making the same amount of money as he does. By not playing, you are going to give up money…money that Kyrie can afford to give up but maybe others can’t.

Irving is obviously an established All-Star in the NBA, but there are players whose careers depend on coming back and playing. Players who work day in and day out to prove their worth in the league. Not playing could potentially cost certain players their careers in the NBA.

LeBron James rivaled Kyrie’s statement as he already shared that he thinks the NBA should return. Patrick Beverly tweeted yesterday afternoon backing him up.

Perhaps the most interesting question for Kyrie right now is, what do you want to see happen that will put your mind at ease enough to play basketball? Obviously, our country is in disarray and there needs to be a change, but it’s a change that is going to happen over time not over night.

It appears as if a large majority of NBA players want to return, and as of right now, the NBA is still set to return at the end of July.

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