Daniel Jones to Make Big Leap in Year 2

In his rookie season Daniel Jones saw lots of up and downs, as he replaced Giants legend Eli Manning at Quarterback. Last season Jones through for 3,027 yards and 24 touchdowns, while completing 61.9% of his passes. Not bad for a rookie.

Through the draft the Giants made improvements to the offensive line, specifically by selecting fourth overall pick Andrew Thomas, who is expected to make an immediate impact at the tackle position. Improvements to the offensive line will undoubtedly help Jones overcome his biggest problem from last season, turning over the ball.

Jones through 12 interceptions and fumbled the ball 11 times. Those numbers have to come down next season and I believe they will.

Having a year of experience in the NFL is going to be incredibly important for the young QB as he prepares for year 2. Understanding the speed of the game and having better chemistry with his teammates will take Daniel Jones and the giants to the next level. Most importantly Jones showcases great arm talent along with other key attributes that you want to see in a franchise quarterback.

It is so vital that Jones develops into a franchise quarterback sooner than later because the Giants have a generational running back talent in Saquon Barkley. Saquon is in his prime right now. Running backs are known for short careers and while I think Saquon will definitely have a longer career than the average running back, every year that goes by without making the playoffs is a year wasted in his career.

Daniel Jones is primed to make a big leap in year two of his career. With an upgraded offensive line, a new offensive coordinator (Jason Garrett), and a generational type running back by his side, he has all the tools to make that leap.

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