Chet Holmgren’s Top Seven Schools

Chet Holmgren announced yesterday on his twitter that he has cut his list down to seven schools. Holmgren, the number one ranked player by ESPN in the class of 2021, stands in at 7-feet tall while possessing perimeter skills as well. He will be an absolute luxury for any school to have after he completes his senior year of High School.

The seven schools that Holmgren has cut the list to include Michigan, Minnesota, Gonzaga, Ohio State, Georgetown, Memphis, and North Carolina.

Holmgren is a TREMENDOUS shot blocker, fantastic lob finisher, is great in transition, and can operate the post. Oh, and he can shoot threes and dribble too. All at 7-feet tall. Perhaps Holmgren’s only flaw is his extremely narrow frame, however no matter what school he chooses they will make sure he bulks up. At seven feet tall with his skill-set and a little muscle, he will be even more unstoppable than he already is. But don’t just listen to me rave about him. Check him out for yourself.

My initial thought when I saw his list of schools was he reminds me very much of Michigan centers in recent years. Just like Mo Wagner and Jon Teske, Holmgren is taller than the average collegiate center and possesses much more skill than the average center. I won’t be the slightest bit surprised if we see the young big man in blue and gold in the 2021-2022 season.

Of course it’s impossible to ignore the obvious that Holmgren is in fact from Minnesota. Making the cut to his final seven schools was big for the Gophers. If they were to land a player of this caliber, it will instantly change the outlook for their team and makes them an instant contender in the Big 10.

What surprised me the most on this list was Georgetown. The Hoyas have had an extremely tough off-season as it seems like they’ve lost their entire team to the transfer portal. It’s a bad look for Patrick Ewing and a bad look for the school. With the program in poor shape it was shocking to see Holmgren include them on his list. Maybe it’s the appeal of working with one of the greatest centers in NBA history in Patrick Ewing. Nonetheless if Georgetown is able to pull this off, Holmgren would be an unstoppable force in the Big East.

Holmgren is one of those players with a unique skill-set for his size that don’t come around very often. Whichever college he chooses, will be a National Champion contended if they have just a few extra pieces around him.

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