Top 5 Players to Break Bubble Rules in Orlando

With the NBA set to return on July 31st, Adam Silver is implementing a model designed to protect the teams from COVID-19 cases from outside the community. Keeping all of the players inside of the bubble may be harder than he anticipated.

Portland Trailblazers guard, Damien Lillard, expressed his concerns over the players following the bubble rules. Lillard said in an interview with ESPN, “When we have 100 percent freedom, everybody don’t follow all the rules. I don’t have much confidence.” Lillard himself will have no problem with the bubble rules as he says that he’ll be fine just staying in his room, playing video games, and working on new rap songs.

Stephen A. Smith said on First Take that the players will struggle with not being able to take part in the “recreational activities” that they are accustomed to. Stephan A. doesn’t believe the players will abstain for sex for 3 months, “You really think guys are going to be without their wives or their woman?”

Now for the top five players I believe are most likely to break the bubble rules.

5. Demar DeRozen

Demar DeRozen has already voiced his frustrations with the COVID-19 rules put into place by Commissioner Adam Silver. He calls the rules “ridiculous” and I don’t see him complying with them while the Spurs are still alive in Disney World.

4. Joel Embiid

Known for causing a ruckus both on and off the court, Embiid is a prime candidate for violating bubble rules. He is constantly getting himself into scuffles and altercations on the court and on social media, leading me to believe he will be a problem in abiding by the bubble rules.

3. Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler could possibly be a more controversial player than Joel Embiid. Similar to Embiid, Butler is almost always seen mouthing off to someone on the court and carries a “bad boy” mojo with him in his game. He likes the role of the villain, making him a prime candidate for breaking bubble rules.

2. JR Smith

JR Smith is the ULTIMATE wild card personality. A player whose career has been full of fines and suspensions, it is almost certain that Smith will break the bubble rules at some point. Smith was of course just recently added to the Lakers roster, and one could only hope that LeBron and co. would be able to keep him in check.

1. James Harden

James Harden has literally had his jersey retired in a Houston strip club…need I say more? There are many theories about Harden playing worse in cities with well known strips clubs and such. Long story short, there will be no containing James Harden in Orlando. Harden’s regular appearances at strip clubs put him on the top of my list of players most likely to break the NBA bubble rules.

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