Top-10 College Basketball Jerseys to Wear to a Frat Party

Anyone who has been to a college frat party knows that guys often wear basketball jerseys to them. These ten jerseys will give you the most respect at any frat party.

10) Kemba Walker 

A Kemba Walker UConn jersey had to be on this list for one shot.  Yup you guessed it.  The shot against Pitt that immortalized Kemba Walker in Big East Basketball.  People will never forget that shot, and the incredible run that UConn went on that year. 

9) Shaquille O’Neal 

Underused jersey at frat parties.  However when you see it, you have to respect the man wearing it.  Not only is Shaq one of the greatest basketball players of all time, but his talents extend past basketball and into television where he is a well known personality.  

8) Larry Bird 

Something about that old fashion Indiana State jersey that just pops to my eye. This one could have honestly been ranked much higher.  Nonetheless, deserves to be top ten on any list. 

7) Anthony Davis

The 1 and done at Kentucky certainly left his mark on college basektball.  Davis set numerous records during his time at Kentucky and became well known for his unibrow.  

6) Michael Jordan

You can simply never go wrong with a Michael Jordan UNC jersey.  Aside from Jordan being the GOAT, The Tar-heel blue coloring of the jersey makes it ultra-appealing to the eye.  Only rule when wearing this jersey to a party is you have to smoke at least one stogie to really “be like Mike”.  

5) Steph Curry

Who can forget Steph Curry’s sweet sixteen run at Davidson? A run that immortalized Steph Curry in college basketball.  Davidson is a mid-major school making this jersey much more rare than some of the others on this list.


4) Christian Laettner

You either love him or you hate him, but either way you can’t deny he’s a college basketball great.  A typical Duke star. A Christian Laettner jersey is an extremely underused jersey at parties. 

3) Lonzo Ball

To cut to the chase wearing a Lonzo Ball jersey to a party is a BIG BALLER move.  And there is just something about that UCLA jersey that is pleasing to the eye.  

2) Jimmer Freddette

THE MORMON MEGALODON.  Jimmer Freddette might be one of the most interesting players in recent years of college basketball making his jersey a must wear to a frat party.  

1)Robert Horry 

A Robert Horry jersey is the biggest flex at any type of party, ESPECIALLY if you’re repping a college Horry jersey. If you pull up to a party in any type of Big Shot Rob jersey then you are a certified boss and probably pull chicks left and right. 


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