This is Adam Gase’s Last Chance

Adam Gase is almost universally regarded as one of the worst head coaches in the NFL. He has relied on Peyton Manning to get him a couple head coaching gigs with the Dolphins and Jets, but 2020 is his final chance to prove himself in the NFL.

If Adam Gase fails again in 2020, he likely is done as a head coach in the NFL.

Jets owner Christopher Johnson hired Gase on January 9th, 2019, barely over a week after Gase was fired from the Dolphins after 3 seasons as their head coach. Peyton Manning’s endorsement was the main reason for the Jets hiring Gase over other (better) candidates such as Mike McCarthy or former Baylor coach and new Panthers head coach Matt Rhule. This was a huge mistake by Jets ownership, as Manning is someone who is notorious for basically coaching the offense himself anyway. Gase is hated by many players who played for him in Miami, and is known as a cocky person who thinks he knows more than he really does. Now that he has left Miami, some of his former players enjoyed career years in 2019 after being freed from Gase. Ryan Tannehill got a starting opportunity with the Tennessee Titans, and led them to the AFC Championship game before earning a 4 year $118 million contract in the offseason. Kenyan Drake, the former running back for the Dolphins, escaped to Arizona and rushed for 817 yards on 170 carries, easily the best numbers of his career so far.

Multiple players have enjoyed career years after being freed from Gase.

Many fans might be wondering, why is he even getting a 2nd year with the Jets? Gase deserves one more chance to prove himself because of the utter atrocity that was the Jets offensive line last season. He could not effectively coach the Jets offense because Sam Darnold had next to no time to throw, and Le’Veon Bell had nowhere to run. With GM Joe Douglas having improved the offensive line significantly in the offseason, Gase has run out of excuses. If Sam Darnold fails to make the leap that all Jets fans know he can easily make, the blame falls solely on Adam Gase. Having already failed badly in Miami, a failure in New York after 2 seasons would likely mark the end of Adam Gase’s tenure in the NFL, at least as a head coach. To make matters worse, Gase has already begun to alienate some of his own players on the Jets. Right after the 2019 season ended, Gase was asked if he wanted Le’Veon Bell on the team moving forward. His response was, lets say, less than enthusiastic, and it elicited a response from Bell on social media. Gase said, simply, “He’s under contract for 3 more seasons. You can ask [GM Joe Douglas] tomorrow.” Alienating your teams star running back is not the best way to form a tight-knit locker room, nor a successful team on the field.

Gase needs to take charge and form a tight-knit locker room culture if he wants to have a chance at remaining the Jets HC.

In 2020, Gase will hopefully have his starting QB for a full season behind a competent offensive line that gives him a chance to coach effectively. Additionally, his QB has more experience in the system now, which could lead to quicker reads and more success on the field. If 2020 is a another failure for the team, Gase won’t be returning in 2021. Not even Bill Belichick could have succeeded with the Jets offense in 2019. But in 2020, there are hopefully no more excuses. The only excuse Gase could have is if God forbid Sam Darnold go down with a serious injury that keeps him off the field for significant time. But if Darnold plays all season and does not develop satisfactorily, it will be the last time Adam Gase is a head coach in the National Football League.

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