Dodgers, Betts Finalizing Long-Term Extension

Michael O’Connor
July 22, 2020

Lou Merloni broke the news this morning that the Los Angeles Dodgers and All Star Mookie Betts are deep into extension talks of 10+ years for $350+ million. Since then, it is just about clear that the deal is a 12 year extension in the $350-$380 million area. Therefore, including 2020, Betts will be a Dodger for the next 13 year years making up to $390 million.
Unfortunately for Red Sox fans, their dream of Betts returning in free agency is dead. This will have an astronomical effect on the outlook for the Dodgers’ playoffs and championship chances for the next decade and longer. As the clear NL favorites, the Dodgers’ future is only getting brighter. With Cody Bellinger under team control through 2023, the Dodgers arguably have 2 of the top 5 outfielders in the MLB right now.

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