Joe Douglas Fleeced the Seahawks in the Jamal Adams Trade

Yesterday, Joe Douglas pulled off an enormous trade involving disgruntled superstar safety Jamal Adams. He traded Adams and a future 4th round pick (2022) to the Seattle Seahawks for 2 first round picks (one in 2021 and one in 2022), a 3rd round pick in 2021, and safety Bradley McDougald. This is an incredible trade by Douglas, who turns a diva player who doesn’t want to be here (and is frankly overvalued) into a king’s ransom of draft picks, while also getting the player replacement in McDougald.

Adams had repeatedly stated his desire to be traded this offseason.

Adams became the latest in a growing list of stud players traded for multiple first round picks, a list including Khalil Mack, Jalen Ramsey, and Laremy Tunsil. The difference between Adams and these other 3 players is positional value. Each of the other 3 players play much more valuable positions than strong safety; stud edge rusher, lockdown corner, and cornerstone left tackle respectively. Those 3 positions are the 3 most important in the league other than the QB position. The fact that Joe Douglas was able to get close – if not MORE – value compared to the other 3 trades is incredible, and a testament to Douglas’s savvy as a new general manager. Nobody expected the Jets to get multiple first round picks for Jamal Adams, never mind an additional 3rd and a player. Another huge trade to look at, most recently, is the Deandre Hopkins trade to the Cardinals. The Texans got a 2nd round pick, a 4th round pick, and a washed up RB on a huge contract for a top 3 wide receiver in the league. This is why, as a GM, you ALWAYS pick up the phone. Joe Douglas got a massive offer from Seattle, an offer he could not turn down. Jamal Adams is no doubt a great player. But he does nothing to help the most important player on the team. Sam Darnold was neglected the first 2 years of his career by a horrible GM in Mike Maccagnan. Joe Douglas has done everything he could to help Darnold out. By acquiring 2 additional first round picks, he can continue to put very good players around Sam to help him out.

Joe Douglas has done more for Sam Darnold in one offseason than Mike Maccagnan did in his entire tenure as GM.

One argument from Jets haters has been that the first round picks from the Seahawks will almost certainly be very late picks. However, this argument has been used to the point where it seems people consider late 1st round players to be almost useless. Jets fans, keep this in mind; Joe Douglas comes from the regimes of Ozzie Newsome of the Ravens and Howie Roseman of the Eagles. These two teams picked late in the first round very, very often. The Ravens built the best defense of all time through late first round picks; both Ray Lewis and Ed Reed fell into that category (Lewis was 26th overall, Reed was 24th overall.) Joe Douglas knows how to spot elite talent outside the top 10. He brought with him an elite group of scouts, led by well respected scout Phil Savage. I’m 20 times more confident in Douglas drafting than I was with Maccagnan and Idzik. I know as a Jet fan its hard to expect good drafting considering our past history of horrible GM’s, but that time has flown by. Joe Douglas is a rising star of a GM, who’s deep roots in elite scouting and drafting make me supremely confident that the Jets will be significantly better with the 2 first round picks than they were with Jamal Adams.

Adam Gase could be gone after 2020 if the Jets don’t have a good record.

Another hidden bonus to the Jets dealing Jamal Adams is that they will almost certainly be worse in 2020, which could end up getting Adam Gase fired. I am almost certain that deep down Joe Douglas wants Gase gone pretty badly, and trading Jamal certainly will help with that. Jamal Adams recently called Gase the main reason for his trade request, which lines up with player accounts from previous years on other teams. He called out Gase on being bad in the locker room, and alienating himself from the players. The Jets also have an insanely hard schedule in 2020. If (when) they don’t have a good record, Douglas can use that as well as what Jamal said to get Gase out of New York and bring in a coach who can actually help Sam and lead a football team at the same time.

No matter what happens with Gase, the fact still remains that Joe Douglas got an amazing haul from Seattle in the Jamal Adams trade, and considering Douglas’s draft history with the Ravens and Eagles, those picks he acquired should almost certainly be much more useful than only Jamal Adams.

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