3 Takeaways From This Weekend

Sports are back in full swing (finally). After watching countless baseball and basketball games this past weekend it was only right to write about three big weekend takeaways.

1. The Clippers are a PROBLEM

Even without Montrezl Harrell and Lou Williams, the Los Angeles Clippers showed the basketball world that they are arguably top dog in the Western Conference. After suffering a heartbreaking loss to the Lakers, the Clippers bounced back in a huge way hitting a franchise high 25 3-pointers. They couldn’t miss. The Clippers entered the fourth quarter already at 103 points, the same amount of points the Pelicans ended the game with.

For anyone who watched the Clippers vs. Lakers game on opening night, it was apparent that the Lakers are not as dominant as we may have thought. Stephan A. Smith shared his concerns with the Lakers moving forward on First Take the next morning.

Although the Lakers did walk away with the win, it wasn’t pretty. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George appeared to be a stronger duo than LeBron and Anthony Davis. In their first two bubble games Paul George has scored 30 points and 28 points, respectively, and Kawhi has scored 28 points and 24 points. They both do so extremely efficiently and play hard on the defensive side of the ball. The Clippers have all the right pieces to make a run to the finals and win it. They may not have the number 1 seed in the west, but they are certainly my Western Conference favorite.

2. Can the Rockets ‘Small Ball’ work?

When the Rockets traded away young center, Clint Capela, and decided to roll with a ‘small ball’ lineup I was very pessimistic about their chances. After huge wins against the Mavericks and the Bucks, I am becoming a believer in ‘small ball’.

The Bucks are heavy Eastern Conference favorites and the Rockets held the lead for most of the game and ended up winning by four. The clutched up when it mattered, played good defense throughout, and most importantly, they played to their strengths. The Rockets do a tremendous job of staying within themselves. Each player understands their role and they play it well. The Rockets hit 20 threes, recorded 15 steals, and turned it over under 10 times. Thats an incredible TEAM accomplishment. Team stats hold more weight than individual player stats. To handle the Bucks the way that they did on a night that Harden shot 3-12 from 3-point range was a testament to the depth of the team. They got great contributions from Danuel House JR. and Rob Covington to help push them ahead of the Bucks.

The Western Conference is loaded with talent, but don’t count out the Rockets and their ‘small ball’ lineup.

3. Aaron Judge is the Michael Jordan of Baseball?

That’s right, just when you thought that this was only a basketball article I switched it up on you. After hitting his second home run of the night, his 6th in the last five games, and the go-ahead for the game, A-Rod compared Judge to Michael Jordan in terms of being the greatest in the game.

Drawing comparisons to Jordan may be a bit pre-mature however given Judge’s current success, it isn’t to far fetched. The 28-year old right-fielder has been on an absolute tear for the Yankees. In just eight games this year, Judge has hit 6 home-runs and has recorded 14 RBIs. The go-ahead home-run he hit traveling 468 feet.

Aaron Judge is on pace to have himself a very special season…dare I say MVP? And the Yankees are putting themselves in a good place early as they chase their 28th ring.

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