Bubble Beef

It wasn’t “Dame Time” in the NBA Bubble earlier today. Lillard failed to hit two clutch free throws late game, in a bad loss to a Clippers team that was without Kawhi Leonard and Patrick Beverley.

Beverley mocked Damien Lillard’s famous “Dame Time” tradition when he hits a clutch shot at the end of the game when Lillard missed his free throws.

Following the game the players took the beef to social media. Dame reminds Paul George that he sent him home in the playoffs last year. And has eliminated Pat Bev before as well.

If there was a list of biggest trolls in the bubble, Pat Bev would be at the very top of the list. He does a great job of getting inside the head of his opponent, even when he isn’t on the floor.

The Blazers still hold the ninth seed in the west and as of right now will play in the play in game against the Grizzlies.

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