The Next Big thing in Newark?

Kevin Willard and the Seton Hall Pirates lost arguably their top three players from last season in Myles Powell, Quincy McKnight, and Ramaro Gill. The Seton Hall fanbase got blessed with the signing of Harvard grad transfer Bryce Aiken.

Defenders can rarely keep Aiken in front of them, a true scoring minded point-guard who will likely take on a large majority of the scoring this year. He is a player with first team Big East potential, but also has a major flaw that could hold him back this season.

What Aiken does well

As I said above, the best thing Aiken brings to the table for the Pirates is scoring. In his four years at Harvard, he averaged almost 17 PPG. After breaking down some of his game film, the most impressive thing I took from it was how cool he was on the offensive side of the ball. He is a very smooth and polished offensive player who truly scores at all three levels. He shoots threes, pulls up off the dribble, and is relentless and getting to the rack and drawing fouls. Getting to the line is an important part of his game as he shot 87.2% from the line this past season.

Bryce Aikens 44-Point performance vs. Columbia in 2019.

Where Aiken NEEDS to Improve

Aiken’s highlights make him seem like an flawless player, however when you dig into his stats a little bit more you find something that is a major cause for concern.

In the Big East every game is a dogfight. Teams play extremely tough defense. And to succeed as a point-guard in the Big East, you have to be able to limit turnovers. This is something Aiken has struggled with at Harvard. Last season he averaged 3.7 turnovers a game, to go a long with just 1.7 assists. That simply won’t get it done as a Big East point guard.

Ivy league defense is not even compared to Big East defense. If Aiken can’t do a better job of valuing the basketball, the Pirates might be in for a long year.

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