I am a Visionary

Do I suck at sports gambling? Yes. Can I predict the future? Yes. I am a visionary.

You may ask how is it possible that you can be bad at sports gambling if you can predict the future. The answer is very simple. I can predict the future based off the flow of the game.

Last night, Jamal Murray sucked for most of that game. With exactly 7 minutes and 25 seconds left in the 3rd, he put one good move on his defender, got to the rack and finger rolled it into the bucket. That was all I needed to see to know that he was about to explode. (ignore the 0 likes, retweets, and replies)

After I posted that tweet, Murray exploded for over 30 more points, as the Nuggets stole game 5 from the Jazz and forced a game 6. On Murray’s absolute tear of a second half he blessed us with this Sportscenter top 10 worthy play. It was simply just to good not to include in this article.

Oh and by the way he also doesn’t turn the ball over…ever. 85 MINUTES in his last two games and ZERO turnovers are you kidding me. What a crazy statline for the young superstar.

The Jazz better get it together because after tonights performance, the momentum undoubtedly swings to Denver. This will continue to be a fun series.

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