QB – Jalen Hurts – 6’1” 222 – Alabama/Oklahoma – 2nd Round Pick (53rd Overall)- vs. Arizona Cardinals (L, 33-26)

Game Day Stats: 24-44 completions / 338 passing yards / 3 touchdown pass / 10 carries / 63 rushing yards / 1 rushing touchdowns

Philadelphia fans can be very unforgiving group. In the case of Jalen Hurts he looks very comfortable as the Eagles starting QB. This should come as no surprise since Hurts played at two of the most pressure packed college programs in the country Alabama/Oklahoma).  Despite the loss, Jalen Hurts followed up his impressive debut with an even better performance against the Cardinals. Hurts plays taller than he is with an over the top throwing style. He runs the spread offense smoothly and efficiently. Hurts strong lower body makes him dangerous on designed runs (Q Power/Q counter). The Eagles offensive line struggled last week giving up 6 sacks. Even though he was under a lot of pressure Hurts manage to figure out a way to keep the Philly in the game. The Eagles will have a problem this offseason if Hurts continues to progress. Carson Wentz contract, injury history, and ineffectiveness this season make him almost impossible to trade. I expect Hurts to have a big game this week against a very average Cowboy defense.

Performance Rating:  4.40

Next Game: at Dallas Cowboys 4:25pm Sunday


QB – Justin Herbert – 6’6” 236 – Oregon – 1st Round pick (6th Overall) vs. Las Vegas (W, 30-27)

Game Day Stats: 22-32 Completion / 312 passing yards / 2 touchdown passes / 0 interceptions / 1 rushing touchdown

The Chargers are working hard to finish the season strong. They already have their quarterback of the future and what they really need is their coach of the future. Herbert did not look like a guy playing out the string on Sunday. His arm strength and smoothness on RPO’s was on full display Sunday. Making difficult throws (deep outs and squeezing the ball through tight windows) look easy on multiple occasions. He has developed a good connection with tight end Hunter Henry, who is having a productive, and more importantly for him, healthy season. The talent is there for the next coach and more importantly the Herbert is there.

Performance Rating: 4.20

Next Game: vs. Denver Broncos 4:05 Sunday


OT – Jedrick Wills – 6’4” 310 – Alabama – 1st round pick (10th Overall) vs. New York Giants (W, 44-27)

Game Day Stats: 0 sacks & 0 penalties – offense total yards: 392

This year’s offensive tackle class will forever be compared to each other. Each one of them has had their bright spots this year. Andrew Thomas has been up and down but did a good job against Myles Garret Sunday night, Mekhi Becton has been banged but is an absolute monster with impressive feet and athletic ability, Tristan Wirfs has done a good job at right tackle (only penalized 3 times this year) for the Bucs and Bruce Arians stated he has played at a pro bowl level this year. For my money Jedrick Wills has been the most consistent of all the rookie tackles this season. Wills has started all 14 games this year and faced the like of Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Washington, and Houston. Sunday Night against the Giants he kept Mayfield clean all night using outstand pass protection technique, quick feet, and patient hands. Although not an overwhelming run blocker, Wills helped open hole for newly named pro bowler Nick Chubb. It took 3 years but it appears the Brown finally found their replacement for future Hall of Famer Joe Thomas.

Performance Rating: 4.00

Next Game: at New York Jets 1:00pm Sunday


DT – Derrick Brown – 6’5” 326 – Auburn – 1st Round pick (7th Overall) vs. Green Bay Packers (L, 26-14)

Game day Stats: 3 tackles / 2 sacks

The Carolina Panthers defense managed 5 sacks against Aaron Rodgers on Saturday night. 5 sacks were the most this season by any team and kept the Panthers within reach in the second half. Two of those sacks belonged to 1st round draft pick Derrick Brown. These were the first two sacks of his career. Being a nose guard in the NFL is a thankless job. NFL nose guard are constantly battling double teams and grinding in the middle. A great nose is usually the reason keeping the middle linebacker unblocked and setting up outside pass rushers with big push on the center up the middle and moving the quarterback off his spot. Brown has done the dirty work this season and although the numbers don’t show it he, along with Jeremy Chinn, are great building blocks for the Panthers future.

Performance Rating: 3.90

Next Game: at Washington 4:05pm Sunday

Kansas City Chiefs

DB – L’Jarius Sneed – 6’0” 192 – Louisiana Tech – 4th round (138th overall) vs. New Orleans Saints (W, 32-29)

The Chiefs are super talented, which is the understatement of the year. Most of the talent attention goes to the offense and deservedly so but the defensive side of the ball is no slouch either. Kansas City found a gem in the 4th round in Sneed. The Louisiana Tech product has picked off three of the most talented quarterbacks in football this year in Deshaun Watson, Justin Herbert, and this past week Drew Brees. Sneed has missed 6 games this season with injury but when on the field is a definite play maker. To go along with his interception he added a great effort sack in the blitz game, and got his hands on 3 footballs to force incompletions. It wasn’t all perfect, Sneed did get called for pass interference and got beat on a touchdown in which it appear the defense was confused getting lined up. Sneed is a wild card for the Chiefs in the post season. He is some who you can see in the playoffs or Super bowl making some big plays and getting his hands on a game MVP.

Game Day Stats: 3 tackles / 1 sack / 1 interception / 3 pass breakup

Performance Rating: 3.85

Next Game: at Atlanta Falcons 1:00pm Sunday



RB – Salvon Ahmed – 5’11” 196 – Washington – Undrafted vs. New England Patriots (W, 22-12)

Game Day Stats: 23 carries / 122 rushing yards / 1 rushing touchdown / 1 two-point conversion

Ahmed workman like performance on Sunday is just what the Dolphins needed to eliminate the Patriots from the playoffs and set up Miami in good position for their first post season appearance since 2016. If you have been reading the report I talk a lot about being able to run the ball come playoff time. Ahmed could be a key factor in the post season in being that work horse. He went over the century mark for the first time in his career and showed a strong power running style that helped them controlled the time of possession throughout the game (37:26 to 22:34). The fish have crucial AFC matchup against the struggling Raiders team.

Performance Rating: 3.75

Next Game: at Las Vegas Raiders 8:15pm Saturday

Week 15 2020 Draft Class Match up Results:

2020 Rookie Coaching Clash:

New York Giants Head Coach – Joe Judge vs. Cleveland Browns Head Coach – Kevin Stefanski

Joe Judge appeared desperate Sunday night not taking point early on against the Browns. Although the Browns have scored a lot of points in the last two games the Giants defense has been up to the challenge all season. Stefanski and his staff had a solid game plan and took care of the football for a 20-6 win over the Giants. History is always written by the winners. Winner: Kevin Stefanski.

Week 16 2020 Draft Class Match up:

Carolina Panthers DL – Derrick Brown vs. Washington DL – Chase Young

  • Young and Brown were the top defensive lineman in the 2020 draft this season. Brown had his first two career sacks this year and is looking to build on it. Young is trying to help his team win the NFC East for the first time since 2015.

Week 15 Throwback Draft Class Match up Results:

Boomer Sooner!!!

Philadelphia Eagles QB – Jalen Hurts ’20 vs. Arizona Cardinals QB – Kyler Murray ‘19

  • Hurts had another impressive game in the second start of his career with 4 total touchdowns. Murray had 4 total touchdown as well but was sacked only once to Hurts 6. Murray led his team to victory and also won this matchup. Winner: Kyler Murray

Week 16 Throwback Draft Class Battle:

Minnesota Vikings RB – Dalvin Cook vs. New Orleans Saints RB – Alvin Kamara

  • There haven’t been two more exciting all-purpose running backs in the league this season. Both backs were named to the pro bowl this week. Get ready for the Christmas day track meet.

Rookie Play of the Weekend:

Dolphins 2 point conversion play:

Rookie to 2nd year player to Rookie


  • Kansas City Chiefs 1st round pick Clyde-Edwards-Helaire, who has had an excellent rookie season, will be out for the rest of the regular season with a high ankle sprain. Reports say he will be available for the post-season.
  • Tua Tagovailoa scored 2 rushing touchdowns in a win over the Patriots Sunday. Tua has 3 rushing touchdowns in two weeks and has helped put the Dolphins in position for a playoff spot.
  • Minnesota Viking wide out Justin Jefferson and Washington defensive end Chase Young were the only 2 rookies named to the Pro Bowl teams this week.
  • Update: Blankenship and Bass are all knotted up at 125. This one is going down to the wire folks.

Rookie League Leaders:

TD Passes: Chargers – Justin Herbert – 27

Passing Yards: Chargers – Justin Herbert – 3781

Rushing TD: Washington – Antonio Gibson – 11  

Rushing Yards: Jaguars – James Robinson – 1070

Receiving TD: Steelers – Chase Claypool: 8

Receiving Yards: Vikings Justin Jefferson: 1182

Receptions: Vikings Justin Jefferson: – 73

Total Touchdowns: Washington – Antonio Gibson – 11 

Total Points: Colts – Rodrigo Blankenship & Bills – Tyler Bass– tied w/ 125

Total Tackles: Panthers – Jeremy Chinn – 102

Tackles for a Loss: Washington – Chase Young & Panthers – Derrick Brown – tied w/ 8

Sacks: Washington – Chase Young – 5.5

Interceptions: Rams – Jordan Fuller & Chiefs – L’Jarius Sneed – tied w/ 3

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