College Basketball Picks Week One

As the legendary coach Jim Calhoun once said, “Do you want me to say I fucked up? I fucked up! Okay?” And I have to take that level of responsibility right now. I messed up yesterday, between the chaos of the first day of college basketball and being a full time student, I did not get our weekly picks out on time, and I apologize for that. And because of that, our picks for the Champions Classic last night are now retroactive, but I swear we all made these picks before the game, you can check our spreadsheet history if you’d like.

Now lets get to business. The plan for these picks, like last year, is to separate them into two posts, a weekday slate for Monday-Thursday games and a weekend slate for Friday-Sunday games. This week, however, the slate is what one may call “not good” so we have combined the two as not not pick low mid major games with Kenpom excitements scores in the low 40s. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week. In the meantime, here’s our picks for the 10 best games of college basketball’s opening week

#2 Kansas vs #25 Michigan StateKansasKansasKansasKansas
#10 Kentucky vs #11 DukeDukeDukeDukeDuke
Utah State vs RichmondRichmondRichmondUtah StateRichmond
Oregon State at Iowa StateOregon StateOregon StateOregon StateOregon State
San Diego State at BYUBYUSan Diego StateBYUSan Diego State
SMU at #13 OregonOregonOregonOregonOregon
#5 Villanova at #3 UCLAUCLAVillanovaVillanovaUCLA
UCF at Miami FLMiamiUCFMiamiUCF
#3 Texas at #1 GonzagaTexasGonzagaGonzagaTexas
#19 Florida State at FloridaFloridaFlorida StateFlorida StateFlorida State

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