Buy The Book 8/11/2020

Yesterday was a 50/50 split amongst the brothers, as the Jansens went 2-0 and the Kellys went 0-2 thanks to some disappointing performances for a -0.1u overall day. We’re still hitting pretty solid overall, but we’re looking for an outstanding day to get on track here.

Alex Jansen (3-2-1, 58.33%, +0.8u): Phoenix Suns -9.5 vs Philadelphia 76ers

Once again I’m riding the fire with the best team in the bubble. The Suns are white hot and the 76ers find themselves trusting the process without Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. Without them the Sixers don’t have what it takes to stop these Suns, who should extend their streak out to 7 straight wins.

Risk 1.1 to Win 1

Ben Jansen (16-12, 57.14%, +17.15u): Chicago White Sox -115 @ Detroit Tigers

Yesterday Ryan picked the White Sox based on their opponent’s pitching and things went wrong, he cited the ERA, and I’m doing the same thing but a little different. The Tigers are trotting out lefty Tyler Alexander as an opener tonight, and the White Sox MASH against lefties. In 86 AB against lefties this year Chicago is slashing .267/.337/.419 with 14 RBIs and 3 homers. While Alexander will only be in the game a short time, it should be enough for the Sox to pounce early, score some runs, and hold on to the win.

Risk 1.15 to Win 1

Dylan Kelly (4-4, 50%, -0.3u): New York Yankees -1.5 (+135) vs Atlanta Braves

In a 60 game season rest days are at a premium. The Yankees had one yesterday, while the Braves gave up 13 runs and had to get 20 of 24 outs from their bullpen. That isn’t what you want when facing the #2 team in runs per game at home. The Yankees have arguably the best top to bottom lineup in baseball and are facing a depleted pitching staff, this one shouldn’t be too tough for the Bombers.

Ryan Kelly (3-2, 60%, +0.9u): Boston Red Sox -105 vs Tampa Bay Rays

These teams are basically polar opposites of one another, the Rays rely on their pitching to win games where the Sox rely on the bats, making this a tough one to predict. They’re just about equally as hot with Boston 4-6 in their last 10 and Tampa 5-5. The Rays are going with an opener here while the Sox are going with Martin Perez, who has really been their only good starter this season. This is as good of a chance for the Sox to gain some traction in the East, and the could desperately use a win before headed to NY to face the Yankees.

Buy The Book YTD: 26-20-1, 56.38%, +18.55u

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